Rules for making your character

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Rules for making your character

Post  Squall Leonhart on Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:01 pm

-No “God Mod” Characters - A God Mod Character is one in which a user creates that stimulates a form of invincibility or otherwise, “Super Strength,” what would render if higher than any other user. No one is invincible on this site or is completely immune to damages. All hints of God Mod Characters will be auto-unapproved on site and deleted. The User will be forced to start completely over with a warning. Any other occurrences may result, but are not limited to: a 24 hour banishment from site, week banishment from Chatbox and other Out Of Character Forums, or Banishment from Approvals for a month. This is to the Administration’s discretion only. (Moderators May Not Ban A User For God Mods.)

-Choose Your Character Wisely - Before choosing to become a character from the game; otherwise known as a canon, be sure no one else on the site is already that character. I try to delete all inactive canon accounts so you know which are available, but I do not always do a good job. So be sure and check for yourself. Make Absolutely Sure! Nothing is more irritating than a user who is too ignorant and lazy to check and research before asking for approvals. If you choose to become a Canon, then if by chance you die as that character, you CAN NOT rejoin as another Canon. By default you MUST create a custom character. If you Start out as a custom and die, then you may be able to become a cannon.

Character Persona - If you are a Canon character, I expect you to act as that character would. Although like an occurrence with Sephiroth, he was good at one point in which you can be that side of him. BUT if your character has always been evil, they stay evil.

Other Series Heroes - Absolutely no character from other games, movies, series, etc. The only thing that we will accept will be from Kingdom Hearts since it does include many Final Fantasy characters.

Creativity - Be as creative as humanly possible. Show the Approval list that you REALLY care about and take pride in what you want approved. The more descriptive you are, the more likely you are to get approved without any repression.

Accounts & Character Quantity - Each user is only allowed ONE character per account. Each user is only allotted ONE account. If more than one account is found to be active without Administration consent/approval, the lesser will be deleted and the other will be banned for a week for failure to follow instructions. Remember that I am not stupid and the Staff here CAN and WILL log in and check IP Addresses.

Prior To Approval - You may not participate in a Role Play Topic until a member of the Staff has APPROVED your character. Feel free to browse the Out Of Character Areas and post prior to approval. Only Administrators and Co-Administrators may approve Canon Characters.
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