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Character Template

Post  Squall Leonhart on Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:05 pm

Name: (Simple Enough)

Age: (How old is your character? How old do they appear to be? Unknown is an unacceptable reply.)

Race: (Is your character human? Seeq? Guado? Fiend? Vierra? Sent? Etc. Most Fantasy Races Apart From Final Fantasy Are Acceptable. IE, Demons, Hybrids, etc.)

Gender: (Male or Female?)

Home World: (Where did your character originate? Where was he/she born?)

Alignment: (Good, Neutral, or evil?)

Appearance: (What does your character look like? Describe your character in great detail here. I want a mental image. Pictures are acceptable.)

Class: (What Class is your character? See Character Classes for details.)

Weapon: (See Character Classes)

Elements: (only cannons that has had magic before and specific classes may have two elements, if even one)


Fighting Style: (How does your character usually fight? Short or long ranged combat? Passive or aggressive? etc. Tell me how your character utilizes his special abilities and class types to defeat his opponents.)

Affinities: (Generally, what is your character best at doing? What makes him/her unique? What qualities does he/she possess?)

Bad Qualities: (What does your character find hard to do? What are his/her weaknesses?)

History: (What has your character done previous to this RPG site? What do they plan to do? Why are they here? What's their story? Wikipedia references are acceptable; however, you may not COPY/PASTE the entire history unless it was totally your own work. You may only COPY/PASTE fragments. Some of which you must write yourself or paraphrase. If you use another source for your history, I want a link from the Source Added to the bottom of your history.)
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