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Basic Jobs

Warrior's are portrayed as an expert swordsman who uses some of the most powerful armors and weaponry. As such, it is a well-rounded physical combatant with high attack and defense statistics.

Warriors can use any weapon.

Black Mage
The Black Mage is a magic user specializing in attack magic, Black Magic. Their weapons are generally restricted to rods and daggers. They are usually depicted wearing distinctive costumes consisting of a blue or black robe and a large conical, wide-brimmed hat which obscures their face, with two yellow eyes shining from within the shadow. Black Magic consists of basic to advanced spells like Fire - Firaga.

Black Mages start with 3 basic spells.

White Mage
A White Mage uses White Magic, which emphasizes defensive spells such as replenishing party members' hit points with spells such as Cure, reviving the fallen with spells such as Raise or Life, and curing status conditions with spells such as Esuna. Typically having a weak and limited repertoire of attack spells and an inability to use heavy weaponry or armor, their primary use is support for other members of a battle party. Usually their only offensive skill is the magic Holy, which deals heavy damage to a target, regardless of whether or not the target is undead.

White Mages start with 3 Basic spells with "Cure" being one of them.

The Thief is generally a nimble and agile physical combatant whose main weapon includes daggers or short swords. They usually have very high speed, accuracy, and evasion but low defense due to light armor. Steal is their trademark ability; it allows them to transfer an item or piece of equipment held by an enemy to the player's inventory. They can also disarm traps and detect hidden passages.

Thief's start with the skill "Steal" automatically.

Blue Mage

The Blue Mage is a practitioner of Blue Magic, which replicates the special attacks of monsters through learning or observation. Blue Mages may "Scan" an enemy for its statistical information.

Blue Mages start of with "Scan" automatically


Monk's are masters of martial arts who favors barehanded fighting, sometimes supplemented with claws. In some cases, they can use meditative techniques, which improve their power or heal their wounds. They can often counterattack against physical attacks as well.

Monks can only equip claws, nunchucks, and staffs


Archers are mostly known for their ability to equip bows and arrows to attack. Archers have the ability to charge up their shots, allowing them to do more damage. However, this usually leaves an archer much more vulnerable.

Archers can only equip Bow's

High Class Jobs

(These Jobs can only be obtained if you have 500 posts or you are a cannon character who's abilities FIT the job)

Mystic Knight

Mystic Knights are warriors that can cast magic on their swords to perform attacks with the power of the spell for several rounds.

Mystic Knight's can only use Swords and Lances


Summoners use Summoning Magic, which calls on Summon Monsters. These entities attack enemies, protect the party, or render other forms of aid. As a magic-using class, summoners are typically shown to be physically frail as a trade-off for high magical potency, and can traditionally equip only light armaments such as clothing and robes. Summoners often use staves or rods for their offensive means.

Summoners start of with One Summon.


Bards are characterized as wearing lightweight tunics and feathered hats. They usually fight with harps. Their ability is to Sing, which allows them to sing songs that have various effects. Sometimes, they increase the stats of allies, and other times, they have effects on opponents. Another ability which is attributed to the Bard is Hide, which allows them, due to their stats, to hide from the battle. When hidden, they cannot perform any actions, but they are invincible.

Bards can only equip Musical instruments

The Paladin is a sacred knight, and acts as a counterbalance to the Dark Knight. Paladins can equip most swords and armor, and use special swords that have been imbued with sacred power, or the Holy element. They generally can use basic White Magic spells as well and some are able to use the holy spell, and have the ability to protect allies whose HP are low.

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is characterized by wearing black armor and wielding a sword powered by darkness. Their physical stats, with exception of defense, are usually high.

- Soul Eater (or Darkness), an ability that sacrifices the user's life force for a powerful attack.

Dragoons are special knights that only equip spears and some kinds of swords to attack. Their stats are weighted physically, and they can equip heavy armor that is modified to look like a dragon.

- Jump, which allows them to do an aerial attack which does more damage than a normal attack. The drawback to this attack is that the player will have to do a whole post before hitting the opponent. The advantage to this, however, is that Dragoons do not take damage while airborne unless a high level far range magical attack is shot.

Gunners specialize in hitting opponents from afar, usually disabling them. Another popular Gunner ability is shooting magic out of their guns, causing elemental damage to far-off enemies. Also, Gunners have very high accuracy, rarely missing their targets. The downside is that Gunners don't deal as much damage as other jobs.

Gunners can only use well... Guns

Sky Pirate

Free to the sky, Sky Pirates are the only class (Beside cannons) that are able to pilot airships, they are also a jack of all trades with weapons but sadly can only use very weak and basic spells both black and white magic.


Ninjas weapons include special daggers and boomerangs. Their armor selection is very limited, as they can only equip lightweight armor. They are strong physically, but they also have high speed. However, their HP and defense tends to be lower than other physical jobs. They are able to wield specialized Ninjutsu magic, which despite their relatively low magic, can be used to effectively exploit weaknesses of some enemies. Finally, they are able to equip two weapons at once.

Throw - the ability to throw weapons, Shuriken, and magical Scrolls that are usually very powerful. they are able to wield specialized Ninjutsu magic, which despite their relatively low magic, can be used to effectively exploit weaknesses of some enemies. They usually also have methods of nullifying physical attacks, and a way to quickly escape from battle. Finally, they are able to equip two weapons at once.

Samurai are often depicted wearing traditional Japanese attire. Filled with honor they will almost never run from a fight or leave someone in need. Their stats are physical in nature, and they have very low magic stats.

Gil Toss (or Spare Change) - allows Samurai to damage their opponents by throwing money at them.

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